NORPA Dreamland explores the many stories of Eureka Hall

Linnaeus Estate is proud to have supported the creation of NORPA Dreamland,  currently performing a sold out season at Eureka Hall.

Dreamland is a site specific work created as part of the the Arts Northern Rivers If These Halls Could Talk Project, a region-wide season of contemporary arts events being held in seven community halls.

The line-up features international and locally renowned artists and creative teams who have each transformed one of the seven halls into an immersive site-specific work in response to the unique narrative of the hall and its community.

Activating the beautiful old Eureka Hall NORPA's Dreamland transports us through the different waves of settlement, from the pioneers who logged the big scrub to hippies and modern tree-changers, and explores how communities adapt to change and renew themselves. 

The show begins with a knock on the door. An unsuspecting newcomer hoping to book the hall is rapidly swept up in stories and lessons of the overzealous 'hall committee'. Early in the show the audience is up and dancing  (in the old days it was impolite to say no, you know) setting the scene for the general hilarity and energetic performances that follow.

Told through physical theatre, song, dance and humour Dreamland celebrates the dance of life through the hall. And the band is brilliant!


Photos by Kate Holmes