A musical retreat for Glenn Christensen

This week we have had the pleasure of hosting musician Glenn Christensen.

Glenn is the youngest member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australia’s finest ensemble and is one of the most highly decorated young violinists in Australia. He spent the week rehearsing for his upcoming performance with Stewart Kelly, as part of the Con Brio Concert Series, at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. The musicians will be taking on the huge task of performing the complete sonatas for piano and violin by Beethoven over the weekend of 16, 17, 18 December, 2016. 

"I grew up in Mackay in regional Queensland and started learning Violin when I was four" explains Glenn. "I had the same teacher from then up to the age of 17. Of the four boys in my family I was the only one to learn violin, while all the others learnt piano. They've since gone on to do other things, while I pursued my love of music. While my parents weren't musically inclined themselves they encouraged me to follow my passion. I loved my time at Linnaeus - the perfect way to prepare for a big concert series, and also get in some quality relaxing time!"  

Read more about Glenn here.

For more info about the concert Click here.